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Noodle's Bio


Name: ??? (Noodle) ???
Born: Osaka
Age: 11
Influences: Haiku poetry, Loa Zi, Richie Sambora
Instrument: Guitar
Likes: Power Puff Girls, Tomagatchi pets, Pokemon, Yo-yo's, her new radio headphone hat, rice and noodles.
Noodle is a Guitar prodigy, the asian axe princess.  She arrived in a crate at Murdoc's front door. O.o wierd eh?  Anyways, everyone loves Noodle.  She's always the center of attention, and how can she not be? She's simply adorable and innocent.  Even evil, coniving Murdoc can't help but love her.  She loves to annoy the living hell out of Murdoc (maybe its a good thing?) She has a speical zen bond with 2-D, and she's always found hanging with Russell.  To Noodle, the world is a giant playground.  She goes around the world buying interesting gadgets. 
Interestingly enough, when the Gorillaz went on Hiatus (because Murdoc went to prison) Noodle was the only person honing her musical skills.  She even went around and brought the band back together. 
Future projects: "I'm happy if band is big or small, if band make good music at right time that is where we should be."


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