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2-D Bio


Born: Crawley
Age: 23
Influences: Butorphanoi, Tartrate, Phill Oakey, Lucio Fulci
Instrument: Vocals and Keyboard.
2-D is a real sweetheart, with a blank mind.  The blank mind is thanks to none other than Murdoc, who caused two large dents in 2-D's brain. (hense the name) He has awsome hair and everyone thinks he's cool. But the only reason he's so laid back and quiet is because he's got a ginormous migrane. He also doesn't sleep. Although it was Murdoc's fault for his migrane, 2-D idolized Murdoc and feels as though he's saved his life. O.o  He's got the voice of an angel, and a mind full of zombies and painkillers.
Loved by everyone (except the green eyed Murdoc), 2D has legions of lady followers and would make a good boyfriend if only he'd wake up.

Future projects: Clocking Tetris and meeting the young David Cassidy. When asked what the future holds, he said: "That's for you to know and me to find out... no... wait a minute..."


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