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Russel's Bio


Name: Russel ????
Born: New York State
Age: 25
Influences: Farrakhan, Chaka Khan
Instrument: Drums
Russel is the Gorillaz's saftey net. He's a hiphop man from the United States of America.  He is also being inhabited by the spirits of his former hiphop gang.  These spirits come out of him every now and then and help the Gorillaz bust a few rhymes. He went to private school, and has respect for his elders. 

Future projects: Russel has used his money wisely, investing in Russian Chicken farms. "The Colonel's gonna blow up, Moscow way, next year!" He also opened up the Russel Hobbs Home for Runaway Rappers, caring for homeless rhymers and renegade mixers. He famously collaborated with the United Nations on the EP: "War's A Bum Rap (Stars From Around the Globe)." Russel has also become an avid naturist.


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